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The most comfortable leggings you met. Believe me!

"Feels like you're wearing Pajamas all day"

You're gonna live in these, take my word!

This is so good & it was made just for U.

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You are fabulous, this one is for U.

Udel is a collection for young adults who leavea trail of sparkles with every dancing step they take.For the every girl that defines strength and softness,has a fierce femininity and looks the world straight in the eye with a twinkle of wisdom.Udel is U, she is me,she is enchanted by nuance and fascinated by her innate power. 

For a decade,Udel lived with ruffles,giggles and sisterhood yet never got to see 11,the Nazis made sure of it.Hidden between the names you know,is my middle name,my great-aunt’s legacy-Udel.Now I’m sharing that legacy with you in the most apropos way I know,with grace, class and a swirl of magic.You are fabulous, this one is for U.

You are fabulous, this one is for U.

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